If you’ve been following my blog you’ve heard me mention my goal of starting to sell online unit studies. It’s happened! I have published my first online unit study all about Saint Patrick’s Day. Best part – it’s FREE!
My goal is to publish two unit studies a month – one short, one longer. Shorter unit studies will be a fun topic. Longer studies will cover topics found in most science or social studies curriculum. The shorter online unit studies will take between 1-2 hours to complete. The longer online unit studies will take 1-2 hours to complete each section and take a few days or weeks to complete.

What is an Online Unit Study?

Similar to unit studies, online unit studies focus on one topic or theme and incorporates multiple disciplines (language arts, science, history, art, music, etc.). The online side of things allows students to log in, go at their own pace and utilizes more online resources such as videos and websites. I will be including book or audiobook recommendations whenever possible. Because I love food, I will also be incorporating food whenever possible.

What subjects are covered in the Saint Patrick’s Day OUS?

For the Saint Patrick’s Day Online Unit Study I have included history and traditions of the holiday, poetry (specifically limericks), a bit of geography, foreign language (a bit of Gaelic), music and science. The study has three parts: Saint Patrick’s Day; Ireland; and Science. Not including activities (which I haven’t timed yet) the whole study should take about an hour to an hour and a half to complete.

Before kids dive in, check the list of materials in the intro section to ensure you have everything you need for the activities. I included two recipes in this unit study. Check the recipes for a list of ingredients.

Will all Online Unit Studies be free?

This unit study will remain free until the end of March 2017. Shorter unit studies will be free for a limited time to the public. Longer online unit studies will be not be free. This is my business. If you’ve ever written a unit study, you know how much planning goes into each study. I spent approximately 10 hours on reviewing, planning and writing the Saint Patrick’s Day online unit study. Longer studies of course take even more time to prepare.

That said, I do plan on offering discounts to subscribers and past students for the longer online unit studies.

What other studies will be offered?

I am in the process of writing an online unit study on the solar system (just planets) and astronomy (stars, galaxies and black holes). There will be a charge for these online unit studies. The next free online unit study will most likely be on April Fool’s Day. B generally picks the topics of the online unit studies as they are, first and foremost, for his education, however I like having fun and learning too. B has asked for fun online unit studies on cookies and ice cream. We’ve found a cool calendar of fun national days which may inspire more fun topics for each month.

I am open to suggestions for both paid and free topics. Anything science related will make B happy. Personally, I enjoy learning about people and cultures.

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