Often times my hiatus from blogging is a good indicator that I’m struggling. That’s only one aspect of this most recent disappearance. This blog has been in the back of my mind for some time. Over the last 14 months, I stopped teaching yoga, had my marriage come to a crashing end, went back to college, got mono for a second time, and began homeschooling B.


Every time I thought of blogging I was immediately hit by the fact that the site was still set up to promote my business as a yoga instructor. It was a business I left to focus on family and heal from an old BMX injury. The stark reminder of having to stop teaching stirred up many emotions that I wasn’t prepared to deal with and updates went unpublished. Until today. Today I returned to the basics, gave the site a new look and room to grow as I start focusing on getting back on track with writing.


Let me get you caught up on my life a bit. I went back to college to get my Mental Health and Addiction Worker certificate. It is not a program for the faint of heart. It was a gruelling test of mental, emotional and physical stamina. A test that, while I survived, I do not feel I passed. Mainly because I did not finish. I can give a number of excuses but the reality is that life just had other plans. During my second semester, I got mono and had to drop two classes. I had every intention of returning but life happened, as it usually does, to change those plans.


Yup, I traded my education for educating the amazing B Man. I’ll get into that more in another post. The short version is that B was not a good fit for public school and I was available to homeschool. While those who know me see me as someone who puts B first, the reality is that B ranked in importance after work and before a social life. This needed to change. I needed to change. B needed to be more important than my work whether it be in social media, mental health or yoga (should I ever get back to that). It’s been a struggle to let go of some of my dreams but it has also been extremely rewarding. Whether we homeschool for a year or ten years (because that how many years B has left in school), it has changed both of us for the better.

New Look

The reason why I changed the site to a whole new look is because I have changed. There may be more changes in the future, but for now, the new logo and colour change is enough. I had aspirations of finding a new theme to make it a bit flashier. In the end, it wasn’t the right fit for me. My life has become simpler. My site needed to reflect that. This blog has always been about me. I shared it publicly in hopes that others who could relate to me, could find comfort in knowing that someone else struggles in similar ways to them. I never really expected people to follow it. It is about getting my thoughts out of my head and onto “paper”. To be honest, I’m still weirded out a bit when people are happy to meet me in real life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m honoured that you read this. I just never really write in hopes of obtaining more readers.

Going Forward

Now that I have a few months of learning the ropes of homeschooling under my belt it’s time to take a little bit of “me” time. And that means turning my attention to this blog. My goal, to start, is to post twice a week. One post on social media and one on homeschooling. These are the two things that I really want to focus on in my life. There may be some crossover as we have a techie style homeschool but for the most part, I will attempt to keep them separate.

Depending on how things go in our homeschool I may start creating printables. I love how so many homeschool moms share their creations and would like to give back. What is currently stopping me is that we mostly use websites and unit studies. We don’t really print much unless it’s a game to go along with our online learning. I had huge aspirations of creating and selling curriculum but then reality set in. Homeschooling is HARD! I was so hopeful that I started a separate blog for our school and created social media accounts for everything. Which is why, if you follow me, I can be found as VIHippieChick and BCBeachBumHS. I am one in the same.

Thanks for catching up with me. Hopefully, the changes will continue to be of interest to you.

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