Have you ever sat down and looked back on life and seen how things have come together so perfectly? Sometimes I do. Last night I did. Here’s what I noticed. First off, it truly was a miracle that I got into the building that I did and when I did. Spring was an incredibly stressful time for me. I was struggling to keep my home. I loved my landlords but the rent was too high. I applied for subsidized housing and once my application was in the system I made a call to one of the agencies who happened to have a vacancy. I happened to fit the criteria for them to rent it to me and it happened to be less than a block away from my church. Holy string of coincidences Batman! Or, God moves when people come together and unite in prayer and miracles happen. And there were a LOT of people praying. One person even called the One Hundred Huntley Street prayer line!

Where I live was one piece of the puzzle to last night. Another piece was the invitation to Celebrate Recovery a 12 step program to recovery from hurts, hang ups and habits. Looking back it could have, and normally would have, come from my friend Sean who heads up Celebrate Recovery. For whatever reason, when we were catching up and I shared with him how 2103 sucked, he never mentioned that Celebrate Recovery wasn’t just about addictions but there was a place for me too. Instead, The same day I chatted with Sean I felt compelled to ask someone I hardly knew to go for coffee with me. I wasn’t even really sure why. We agreed to go after prayer later on in the week and the whole time I just shared about the struggles of 2013 and how I isolated myself and got lost in the crowd at church. She then shared with me that Celebrate Recovery was something I should check out; that they had a cheap dinner and child care. There was no reason for me to say no.

So how do these pieces fit? Well, last night it was pouring rain. Had I still lived in my old place I would not have left the comforts of my home. But because I only lived half a block away the rain wasn’t much of a deterant. Second, had Sean been the one to invite me I probably wouldn’t have gone. Sounds dumb but that’s how I am. He’s very passionate about life and what he does and, as strange as it may seem, I probably would have shrugged it off as him just doing his job. But with Laura, she shared her heart. It was a divine appointment. There were many times that I wanted to ask to go for coffee but chickened out. But this time it was different. I was at a place where I really needed healing. I really needed to figure out what the next part of my journey would be. God’s timing was perfect.

So now the next leg of my journey has started. It’s time to Celebrate Recovery as work through the difficult times of my childhood. In the words of my friend Hatchling, “Tell your story out loud. That’s how the healing starts.” My intention is to share my story not just in my Celebrate Recovery group but also with my readers. I feel it’s important to share my story. There was and is a plan and a purpose for my life. While my story is unique, parts of my story may resonate
with others, may help others and if one person is helped from sharing my story it was all worth it.

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