Maybe you read my post Ways You Can Homeschool for Less Than $270 in 2017/2018 and thought, “I don’t really like the curriculum picks in that post.” Fair enough. I have many favourite homeschool curriculum listing websites, subscription sites and bloggers I followed this past year to help me keep costs down.

Websites that list free homeschool curriculum

When I first started searching for homeschool curriculum I went on Pinterest a lot which was good and bad. Good because there are a lot of ideas on Pinterest but bad because I have no sense of time and hours would pass and homeschool planning was taking far longer than it should have. I started realizing that I often ended up at the same three sites:

Somewhere along the way, I discovered How to Homeschool for Free and The Canadian Homeschooler but I’m not entirely sure how. Either way, I use their sites often and in the case of the Canadian Homeschooler I attended their online homeschool conference a few months ago and learned a lot (and discovered a few more bloggers).

The best writing prompts I’ve found for free have come from subscribing to The WriteShop. They do have their own writing curriculum for sale but there is no obligation to purchase their program to get the writing prompts by email.

Homeschool Curriculum Subscription Sites:

During last year’s Build a Bundle sale I learned about and I don’t remember how I stumbled across Handbook of Nature Study but it was most likely Pinterest.

When B was in public school there was a teachers’ strike. I was desperate to keep the learning going so I looked for educational resources and discovered Teachers Pay Teachers. I only recently discovered that if you subscribe to their emails they send you 10 free downloads each week. There’s always at least one download that I’ll be able to use so it’s worth the weekly email, plus if I really like the free resource I just found a new teacher to follow for other resources, especially if their prices are reasonable.

Homeschool Curriculum from Bloggers & Other resources:

The bonus of checking out homeschool curriculum listing sites is you can find bloggers you like to follow. Some of the following bloggers I found through Pinterest, some I found through the listing sites and some through good ol’ Google search.

I also like Khan Academy and CommonLit which are both free sites.Creating your own unit studies:

Creating Homeschool Curriculum with Unit Studies:

If you’ve been following my blog you know I love unit studies. It’s the cheapest way to homeschool but you do financial savings for a significant time commitment. It takes a bit more time to plan a unit study. That said, The Canadian Homeschooler has great instructions and printables on Creating Unit Studies. I took her session at her online conference and it made life a lot easier! If your kid(s) have trouble paying attention or claim to not like school unit studies help to incorporate all subjects into one topic that interests them and make homeschool feel less like school.

Homeschooling frugally is possible. It takes a bit more time to find homeschool curriculum, or create unit studies, but with websites that list curriculum or have a lot of their own curriculum, subscription sites, and a world of bloggers creating curriculum, it’s easier than one might think.

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