I’m a personal and professional development junkie but I don’t like to read. Podcasts have become my favourite way to learn because they are easy, convenient. Podcasts can be downloaded and therefore don’t use up my data when out and about town listening to them. Homeschool podcasts helped me survive my first year of homeschooling without ripping out my hair. There are also millions to choose from it seems.

Personal & professional development junkie:

Deep down inside, I’m really nerdy. I love to learn, I’m always open to new ideas, even though I do come across as a bit stubborn on some things. I’m curious how other people do things in case there may be a better, more efficient way than how I’m doing it. But I’m also super busy. It seems I’m always on the go.

Homeschool Podcasts are easy and convenient:

Most of the time we take transit or walk. When I’m by myself podcasts are a great way of tuning out from the rest of the world around me. At home, I can listen to podcasts while cooking and cleaning or relaxing in the bathtub (yes, I’m really that nerdy).

Often I listen to a podcast while eating my lunch. B and I are both introverts. Spending the morning together doing school is draining for the two of us. We spend lunch apart to recharge and either finish up our lessons if there is anything, go out and have fun or do our own thing. It’s common to hear me say, “I need lunch and a podcast!”

Sometimes, but not often I’ll listen to a podcast while working. I find this doesn’t work too well because I either can’t concentrate on my work or I don’t pay attention to the podcast. If I’m creating graphics then I’ll listen to podcasts but I can’t write and listen to podcasts. I don’t have the brainpower!

My Top 10 Homeschool Podcast List:

I’m sure I’m just scratching the surface of homeschool podcasts but these are my favourites in no particular order:

  • Truth in the Trenches – I’m partial to Rebecca because she’s a fellow Canadian but also because she has a similar sense of humour to me. Her honest take on motherhood and homeschooling often cracks me up or just makes me feel better about life because I realize I’m not the only one that feels the way I do.
  • Your Morning Basket – this homeschool podcast changed how I do poetry time, music study, and picture study. I’ve purchased two of Pam Barnhill’s Morning Basket products and loved them. B liked them too but needed a bit more challenging work so I created my own versions. I still listen to the podcasts. Pam’s guests are knowledgeable and insightful.
  • Homeschool Solutions – lots of advice here.
  • Homeschool Snapshots – practical, doable homeschool advice delivered in around 30 minutes
  • A Delectable Education – a plethora of Charlotte Mason information, episodes are usually around 30 minutes
  • The Classical Homeschool – a homeschool podcast on the classical education movement, episodes are usually around 45-55 minutes
  • Vintage Homeschool Moms – Felice Gerwitz delivers sage advice in her homeschool podcast which is part of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network. They have a Facebook group and Felice and other podcasters regularly chat with homeschool moms and dads sharing their advice.
  • Classics For Kids – this is a homeschool podcast about composers for kids. B loves it. He usually wants to listen to two episodes at a time. Each episode is around 5 minutes long. I heard about Classics for Kids from Pam Barnhill’s Morning Basket podcast.
  • The Homeschool Sanity Show – another Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network podcast. This homeschool podcast focuses on how to stay sane while homeschooling. Dr. Melanie Wilson is a psychologist who offers practical advice about parenting and homeschooling.
  • Homeschool Unrefined – A little bit of everything here.

And for my homeschool blogging friends out there:

  • Problogger – pretty much everything you need to know about earning money by blogging
  • Amy Porterfield – a great podcast for the marketing side of making money online
  • Marie Forleo – OK, this is actually a YouTube channel, I love her down to earth advice and great New Yorker humour so I just had to share it.

What are your favourite homeschool or blogging podcasts? Let me know in the comments section.

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